On March 15, 2021, Google will limit access to many Chrome application programming interfaces (API) inside the open-source Chromium web browser. Google’s doing this because, “third-party Chromium-based browsers integrating Google cloud-based features, such as Chrome sync and Click to Call, that were intended only for Google Chrome users”.  In other […]

Stanford Computer scientist Christopher Re discussed the changing software paradigm, Software 2.0. He told the University’s Human-Centered AI group that focusing on neural network-building, and other low-level tasks such as tweaking hyper-parameters, is not really where engineers can make their most valuable efforts. Christopher Re Some AI researchers’ practices are […]

What has been discovered? Zinc, a North-Korea based group of hackers, has been observed targeting security researchers working on vulnerability research and development. The attack campaign has been focused on pentesters, offensive security researchers, and security firm employees. In mid-2020, Zinc started building its reputation in the security research community […]

The Rocke Group, known for targeting cloud infrastructures with cryptojacking attacks, is back in action. Its cloud-targeted cryptojacking malware named Pro-Ocean has recently got new and improved rootkit detection-evasion features and worm capabilities. What’s new? Palo Alto Unit 42 researchers have uncovered the revised version of the Pro-Ocean malware explaining […]

Since the past takedown attempt in November 2020, TrickBot malware has not only re-emerged, its operators have been launching newer versions from time to time. They have recently released a more persistent version of the malware. New vs old The last takedown attempt by security vendors and law enforcement gave […]