For most IT organizations, detecting, mitigating, and ultimately remediating security compromises is an ongoing challenge. But the acceleration of enterprise digital transformation efforts has added even more complexity. Agile DevOps teams and fast-paced, cloud-first software development lifecycles have created a whole new dimension of potential vulnerabilities that SecOps teams are […]

An analysis of well-known extortion groups and their cryptocurrency transactions reveals the answer. A collection of ransomware groups that banded together to create a “cartel” rarely collaborate and don’t share profits, suggesting that concerns over a sprawling cybercriminal organization are overblown, according to Analyst1. The four cybercriminal groups — Twisted […]

5G is now standard on US networks, with the expectation that every flagship includes support for 5G. We now even see affordable phones — some less than $400 — support 5G technology, so accessing these networks is no longer limited to $1,000 phones. Before choosing a 5G phone, it is important […]

Attackers exploit a vulnerability in Fortigate VPN servers to gain access to target networks, researchers report. Researchers with Kaspersky say several companies in Europe’s industrial sector were recent victims of attacks using Cring ransomware.  Attackers exploited CVE-2018-13379, a vulnerability in Fortigate SSL VPN servers, to gain access to the victim’s networks, researchers […]