IBM updates quantum programming tools

Quantum Computing

IBM has revamped its quantum computing programming tools so developers can use a more streamlined approach to run experiments and access quantum circuits.

The tools, IBM Quantum Composer and IBM Quantum Lab, replace IBM Quantum Experience. IBM said it has more than 280,000 registered users executing more than 1 billion hardware circuits a day on its quantum hardware and simulators.

IBM’s new programming tools are part of a broader quantum computing effort to build out a developer ecosystem leveraging the Qiskit programming languageIBM outlined its quantum computing hardware roadmap in September

Here’s a look at the quantum programming tools:

  • IBM Quantum Composer enables developers to build, visualize and execute quantum circuits. The user interface is familiar to developers and aims to attract multiple programming levels.
  • IBM Quantum Lab allows developers to build quantum applications and experiments via Qiskit in the cloud. The software is browser based and can model noise impacts on circuits and algorithms.

Other features in the new tools include a dashboard with available services, reservations and jobs as well as panels to perform tasks, manage jobs and check status.

In addition, IBM added more documentation and guides for quantum programming.


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