Nomad’s MagSafe Mount solves a good irritating problem with Apple’s new free iphone 4s charging tech

Nomad MagSafe Mount
Image: Nomad

Apple’s MagSafe platform for your iPhone 12 seemed like a gimmick when it was announced, however it has get a feature that delivers meaningful functionality. Many people a case , wallet that attaches to the straight back of the phone, a car mount, or even a wireless charger, MagSafe is surprisingly of use .  

There is one potential annoyance, however , with any stand-alone MagSafe charger: To be able to remove the charger that’s magnetically attached with the rear of the iPhone, you need to peel the charger from your phone once you pick it up.  

If you’d rather treat the MagSafe charger just like a standard wireless charging pad, then Nomad’s latest accessory is perfect for you.  

The $49. 95 Nomad MagSafe Mount gives you a place to install your MagSafe charger, which is held in place thanks to a tight fight and some “micro-suction” tape. The Mount is made from a great block of stainless steel and is  very   heavy. Seriously, after opening the sample Nomad shipped me, I weighed it. The Mount weighs 24 ounces, or here at one 5 pounds. It’s heavy.  

The ensures you are able to pick up your phone and the Mount will not budge. Not just does the mount remain in place, however it converts the MagSafe charger right into a classical wireless charger pad. But rather of having to worry about properly lining the phone, the MagSafe magnets hold your phone in position and line up the charging coils.  

When the Nomad MagSafe Mount seems like something weight loss live without, you are able to order one right now  directly from Nomad .


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